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Celtic-inspired folk and ambient music


VAL is a music duo founded by lead singer Valentina Buroni and guitarist Valerio Vado.

They play traditional Irish music, folk music from Western Europe, English prog rock from the '70s, shamanic chants and Celtic-inspired original music. 

They re-arrange every song for vocals, amplified classical guitar with sound effects and ancestral instruments like handmade shakers, wind chimes and tubular bells.

VAL's music is a bridge between past an present. It's a journey through the magic atmospheres of the Celtic world. 

Their chants speak of an ancient spirituality connected to Mother Earth. Their songs tell the stories and the legends of women, fairies and goddesses. 

Artist short bio

Valentina has studied Early music singing, modern singing, Irish traditional singing, overtone singing, Gregorian chanting.

She also plays frame drums.

She is a holistic professional and she is specialized in the use of singing and sound for personal growth and well-being.

She has released six full length albums (Dragonheart Records, Standing Stone Records) renging from heavy metal, to electro-acoustic ambient, to world music.

She has played big international festivals like Triskell Celtic Festival (Trieste - Italy) and Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig, Germany)


Valerio has studied modern guitar, harmony and arrangement with Maestro Carlo Marossi.

He has composed and recorded ten full length albums with different groups, renging from world music to Renaissance music and progressive rock.

He is the founder of the Rêverie ensemble, a highly appreciated music collective with a career spanning over 25 years.

He has played in prestigious locations and festivals like MiTo Settembre Musica (Milano - Italy) , Bella Center (Copenaghen - Denmark) and Chateau de Gresillon – Loire (France).

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