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neo-shamanic and spiritual music

Lascia l'ombra

ATMAEN is a project created by Valentina Buroni. She's a singer, a voice shaman and a sound healer from Italy. 

Her songs are prayers, invocations to the spirits of nature, sacred chants to connect with the spiritual dimension, healing chants.


​Music-wise she creates dreamlike, magical, otherworldly and slightly hypnotic atmospheres in her songs. She is influenced by Celtic music, folk music from Western Europe, ritualistic chants of contemporary indigenous cultures, ambient music and movie soundtracks.

Vocals play a very important role and she uses a rich palette of vocal styles and colours, from fierce ethnic vocalizations to soothing vocal tones.


Internationally acclaimed violinst Hugh Marsh (Loreena McKennitt, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams) is featured on the song “Holy Mother”. Drums are played by Valentina and by Italian percussionist Emanuele Le Pera.

The “coexistence of darkness and light”, the “sacred feminine” and the “spirits of nature” themes are very important to her and they represent the main topics of her songs.

Her music aims to be a transformative journey thanks to the healing power of sound and voice. 

The album Canto sagrado (sacred chant) has been released on 15th March 2024 and it's available on all streaming platforms.

Produced by Valentina and Frank Altare.

Recorded and mixed by Frank Altare at 33hz Studio and Più Voce Studio.

Mastered by Riccardo Parenti at Elephant Mastering.

Cover artwork by Niklas Sundin.

Artist short bio

Valentina has been a singer, a songwriter and a voice researcher for more than 20 years.

She is trained in Early music singing, modern singing, Irish traditional singing, overtone singing, Gregorian chants singing and a bit of extreme vocals as well.

She also plays frame drums.


She is also a sound healer, a dance therapist and a professional holistic operator specialized in the use of voice and singing for personal growth and well being.


She released 6 full length albums (Dragonheart Records, Standing Stone Records) renging from heavy metal, to electro-acoustic ambient, to world folk music and she played some big festivals like Triskell Celtic Festival, Nomad Dance Fest and Wave Gotik Treffen.


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